34th Annual Connecticut River
Raft Race Results
  America Rafts Name Captain   Hr. Min. Sec.  
  A - 029 Mullenium Buzzard Steve  Layden   2 33 00   
  Cruising Rafts        
  C - 109  Little Willie David Malboeuf   D N S  
  C - 91 Lin Lee Mark Fangiullo   D N S  
  C - 600 All Day Suckers Gretchen Bartkus   D N S  
  C - 13 Morning Wood Peter Clark   D N S  
  C - 15 We Stole The Kiszka Brandon Neal   D N S  
  Sweeper Rafts        
  S - 13 U.S.S. Pumkin Wayne Gouin   D N S  
  S - 202 Fearless Fools Richard Bartkus   D N S  
  S - 1 Miss Moon Bob Niland   D N S  
  Multiple Canoe        
          D N S  
          D N S  
  Single Kayak        
  SK - 406 Keso Mureen Roughton   D N S  
  SK - 407 Swamp Fox William Coderre   D N S  
  Single Canoe    
          D N S  
          D N S  
  Multiple Kayak        
  MK - 69 Foote Rest Maureen Foote   D N S  
          D N S  
  D. N. S.  =  Did  Not  Start
The Raft Race Was Called Off. 
Due To Significant Flooding
Caused By Severe Weather
And Heavy Rains In The Days 
Leading Up To The Race.
This Was A Serious And Potentially
Life Threatening Flood Episode.