Advanced Raft Building

Building a lightweight raft - Using "Geodesic" Method

Triceratops 1

Building Triceratops - Using foam and kevlar cord.

Building Pedal Station - Using Scavenged Bicycle Parts and Exercise Bike Flywheel.

Little Willie Pedal Station 1 Little Willie Rear Pedal Station 2 Little Willie Propeller 3

Pedal Station 1 - Showing basic framework & gearing.

Pedal Station 2 - Showing 90 degree power take-off from main shaft.

Pedal Station 3 - Showing dual pedal station arrangement.

Pedal Station 4 - Showing entire mechanism & hole in deck for drop-in propeller assembly.

Pedal Station 5 - Showing first 4 video clips combined (Facebook Post).

Pedal Station 6 - Showing drop-in propeller unit (Facebook Post).

Pedal Station 7 - Showing build process & final installation.

Pedal Station 8 - Showing rear pedal station covered in snow.

Pedal Station 9 - Showing drop in propeller unit.

Building A Paddle Wheel

Lin Lee 1

Paddle Wheel 1 - Showing paddle wheel mechanism on the "Lin Lee" raft.

Paddle Wheel 2 - Showing paddle wheel in action at 2011 raft race.

Integrated Propulsion Unit


Integrated Propulsion Unit 1 - Showing overall configuration and pedal action turning propeller (Facebook Post).

Integrated Propulsion Unit 2 - Showing pedal station mounting system to secure unit to the deck.

Sun Canopy Over Raft Deck

I.P.U. I.P.U.